Different Types Of Content Writing

To keep it fresh and to keep your subscribers satisfied, you need quality content for your website. But not all the write-ups are alike. An article written by an SEO content writer would vary significantly from an article created by an article writer in a magazine.

They could appear kind of the same to an untrained eye. But most readers will be able to very quickly distinguish the difference. So, you need to first find out what kind of content you are looking for when you are trying to employ a content writer for a project.

Different Types Of Content Writing

SEO Content

Search Engine optimization is the complete form of SEO. SEO’s aim is to make a website more search engine friendly by following search engine guidelines. Whereas the details you put on the website is ‘Content.’ Content consists of all texts that you apply to your website to explain it a little more.

Therefore, SEO content is an amalgamation of two principles and the aim is to make the content at the same time both search engine friendly and SEO friendly. All writers of SEO content need to have a proper understanding of the search engine optimization concept. The material must contain keywords, but it should not be at the expense of consistency.

Instructional Design

The definition of learning is characterized by instructional design. Forgetting the age-old learning format as instructional design promotes the process of developing knowledge and skills by making the whole learning curve more fun for both the teacher and the students. It begins by defining the learner’s exact requirements and then tweaking the learning process, whenever possible, by making occasional intervention.

The art of designing instructional materials and storyboards needs to be perfected by a skilled instructional designer. As you can imagine, it takes time to produce instructional materials and it involves a certain level of technical know-how.

Ghost Writing

As Ghost Writing has nothing to do with dead men, don’t get afraid. It’s just a way of writing where you’re going to recruit someone to write you an eBook or an essay. For his efforts, the writer will be compensated while you will hold the copyright of the post. For all the parties concerned, it is a win-win scenario.

So, there you have it. We hope that the provided information will be of help to you. Do leave a comment below and we will get back to you.